No more hourly bill rates

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No more hourly bill rates

Hourly bill rates destroy value. True problem solving requires focus, open communication and a shared understanding of goals. Our three year old does not count the number of books we read before bedtime. She wants to read until she is satisfied. Creating value is about outcomes, not inputs.

Advice without the long disclaimer

Legal professionals want to solve problems. We enter this discipline with fascination and as stewards for those we represent. Our clients seek expertise delivered with high quality as they grapple with operational risks. Effective business counsel fine-tune risk management to each client’s needs. We earn trust with our unwavering attention and apply the facts and the law with a gripping prowess. We are their secret weapon.

Convert legal headwinds to tailwinds

Building long term value requires constant adjustment. Our experience trains us to listen without bias for early indicators that threaten our client’s interests. We engage in regular calibration with our clients on the direction of travel and shifting winds. Each debate returns greater clarity that we both apply towards preservation and growth. As agile partners, we seize the day together.

Business experts with a law degree

Counsel argue with passion and with a clear purpose. Otherwise, it’s just another tantrum. We argue for alignment between the parties to those interests that matter most to our clients. Clients appreciate the advisors who advance their interests while also shaping the impact of risks lurking in their blind spots. Advisors who start with this long term view of operating a business build enduring relationships with their clients beyond/ the next case study.

modCounsel Client Experience

Today’s clients expect more from legal professionals. We are custodians for the future of our practice and will rise to this challenge. Our focus will be on solving problems with healthy client relationships for long term success. The billable hour is dead. Creating value is the priority of today’s counsel.

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