FOUNDATIONAL Corporate and Intellectual Property Support

Our clients design for true differentiation.

Scale with confidence through each stage of your company growth. 

From Initial Formation to Global Expansion

Our clients range from founders establishing their first legal entity to a full public company board driving a strategic market plan through a full suite of support offerings:

  • Entity formation (e.g., C Corp, LLC, LLP) and weighing your options
  • Founder agreements and IP assignments
  • Global tax advisory, incentives and compliance 
  • IP strategy, investment roadmap and rationalization
  • Independent contractor and employee setup
  • Establish new foreign entities and coordinate internal teams
stones stacked on a table
Asian Architecture blueprint representing intellectual property law

Equity Plan Launch and Ongoing Administration

modCounsel designs equity plans to attract and retain top talent across a full range of global markets. Our team then administers the equity programs from offer to board and committee approvals.

  • Traditional options programs and restricted stock units (RSUs)
  • Phantom shares and other deferred compensation plans
  • Develop templates for ongoing (optional) self-management
  • Ongoing grant processes and cap table management
  • Deployment into equity management tool (e.g., Carta)

Corporate Books and Records Audit and Management


Manage corporate governance and respond to audit and diligence requests promptly. Our clients quickly discover relevant documents and meet 24-hour response times with banker, venture capital and private equity due diligence. We help you present your records as a mature company.

  • Document and folder organization of key corporate records into an “always live” data room model
  • Create internal structure and accountability framework for record keeping
  • Establish a quarterly audit cadence and ongoing management of key records
  • Attend board and shareholder meetings, record minutes, and manage corporate governance
coins stacked representing Corporate Property Law


Feel the advantage of an experienced team leading your legal responses when it matters most. Our clients have raised successful financing rounds for seed financings, initial venture rounds through late stage and exits including private equity. We coordinate on the internal requirements and move you through the process efficiently.

  • Diligence preparation and pre-audit
  • Data room requests and ongoing response coordination
  • Disclosure schedule management and negotiation
  • Technical interviews from source code audits to data privacy disclosures
  • Negotiation of key terms and close schedule management

Our Work

Our Corporate and IP work has made a tremendous impact for our clients and is among the highest referral rates at modCounsel.

Comprehensive company support & training

Established a mature capitalization table and launched a global equity program with training for 400 participants at an emerging growth company.

Equity program launch for an early stage founder team

Led $800,000 seed fundraise for a fin-tech company and launched an internal long term equity program to support the recruitment of their first European engineering team of ten strong.

IP strategy through filing of copyright and trademark

Established an IP and patent strategy for a services organization to support their competitive market position with an initial project in copyright and trademark filings.

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Our corporate and intellectual property team is your co-pilot through each critical maneuver.