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Here at modCounsel, we base our legal service fees on the value we deliver, not minutes worked.

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Our four-person founding team of underrepresented minorities and women set out on a bold mission to redefine legal in a market woefully behind client expectations. Our clients now have a smart option but modCounsel’s offering takes this further for all market participants unhappy with our current state including the law firms (who we partner with), recently funded legal technology companies (who we implement alongside) and in-house legal teams (who we champion).

Legal teams now shape the most valuable client experiences. The new benchmark is 24-hour response times, integrated experts within your walls and technology, data informed risk priorities and fair pricing.

Our clients range from early stage to late-stage venture and private equity-backed companies to large, global publicly listed companies. Each of our clients face a dual mandate of achieving topline growth of over 30% while meeting fundamental operating targets including risk management. modCounsel offerings provide a proactive solution to protecting our client’s success.

modCounsel is a law firm that also helps implement legal advice with a business mindset. We help you materialize results as your thought partner who is collaborative, highly available and balanced. Imagine the  experience embedded within your walls and alongside your operational teams from our talent with their decades inside growth companies, law firms, and in-house learnings from the front-line.

We have six main service areas that reflect the strategic legal needs of our clients. Our clients engage us on a specific need or a bespoke mix of needs across a range of the following practice areas:  

Legal Operations

The business of running an efficient and effective legal function remains a challenge facing every team. Our practice gives you access to the full potential of a legal function connected by design to the rest of your business.

Commercial Contracts

From drafting, to negotiating, and reviewing, we support clients with all contract transactions from routine requests to highly strategic new business models. 

Corporate & IP

The foundational elements of every business require attention to corporate and intellectual property issues. Our clients focus on growth and we provide the infrastructure for them to sustain their success.

Privacy & Compliance

Modern companies require  global data privacy programs, training, and compliance through every stage of business maturity.

Global Employment

We guide you through every step from recruiting through separation as you develop a performance environment across your global talent.

Litigation & Mergers, and Acquisitions

Whether applied to document review, due diligence, regulatory compliance, investigations, or litigation, we provide insights, and frameworks that help you through high stakes matters.

We have over a 95% referral rate. Our team is made up of Fortune 50-trained specialists who are also pioneers in their respective areas.

You can expect expert advice that has been tested, seamless collaboration internally and with your customers, vendors and law firms, and consistent execution. 

Besides enjoying the fact that you have more control over your budget, you even get to save about 50% from day one, as compared to legal services that still bill by the hour.

Our monthly fees are are just how you like it – predictable and fixed. Because it’s all about the value you get, not the time spent.

Our core team consists of a diverse group of service experts from different parts of the world. Our global office is located in San Francisco, California

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