Turnkey Legal Operations Efficiency

Legal operations enable strategic impact, team effectiveness, and the timely achievement of critical company milestones.

Empower your teams with proven capabilities in technology, processes, and people.

Legal Operations and Technology

Our technology partnerships focus on client results. We accelerate your time to value for legal activities from contracts, compliance, privacy, workflows and securities management. Leverage our experience with select partners and client enablement with:

  • Malbek CLM (contract lifecycle management) executive strategy to operations support for new and growing in-house legal teams
  • Streamline AI implementation strategy, solution development and ROI assurance
  • OneTrust privacy and GRC (governance risk and compliance) modules implementation and ROI assurance
  • e-billing tools implementation and development (e.g., SimpleLegal)
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Legal Operations Managed Services Offering

Not ready for a full technology implementation? Get started tomorrow while we help you prepare for broader initiatives.

  • Malbek CLM managed service (MSP) with a turnkey design supported by your in-house contracts team or ours
  • Streamline AI managed service (MSP) for earlier stage companies scaling their teams in need of basic workflows including with privacy compliance operations

Legal Operations and Processes

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Preparing for your first legal operations hire or transitioning a team member? We elevate legal teams with operational support, workflow development, and training to facilitate their success.

  • e-billing, law firm billing guidelines development, approvals, and compliance management
  • Legal team budget management from accruals to forecast variance analyses against plan
  • Records management, development of legal drives, and internal ownership alignment
  • General operational support with consultants and paralegals
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Legal Operations and People

We welcome all investors in teams! By far, the most critical need we find is in developing an engaging and healthy work environment for all legal professionals to build success. Our model ensures sustainable progress towards goals that show success for the company and each team member.

  • Offsite development programs for virtual and on-site sessions
  • Proprietary superpowers assessments and growth plans designed for legal teams
  • Curriculum design with periodic health checks
  • Team training for compliance, business and leadership skills, and technology transformation

Legal Department Strategy and Benchmarking

Legal Operations Ball

We help you develop a 3-year operating plan for the legal function. If growth company leaders can do it, so can a general counsel – and, it is an imperative for success in a fast-changing environment.

  • Overall vision and strategy connected to company objectives
  • Budget proposals, benchmarks, and role rationalization exercises
  • Department maturity measurement and investment plan
  • Strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) fitted to your stage of maturity
  • Executive and board committee dashboards with first level insights and action plan

Our Work

Legal operations is a strategic driver for modern legal teams moving our industry forward.

Strategic Maturity Planning for
Company Growth

Developed a 3-year department maturity plan indicating strategic impact of legal team investments. We also shaped key milestones for use by the team to manage objectives and risks to these outcomes for a technology client.

20% Market Position Boost
with Benchmark Study

Led a benchmark study against competitors and industry influencers with an action plan to improve our client's market position by up to 20%.

Customer Management Upgrade
with Streamline AI

Created a "legal@___.com" internal inbox for increased visibility and response time measurement on all legal department requests in partnership with Streamline AI.

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Our Legal Operations practice is available to service a variety of strategic and operational needs for every scaling legal department.