Commercial Contracting Moving at the Speed of Business

Anyone can press on the gas. Our proprietary risk model gives you precision steering.

Our clients sustain success as they scale.

Historical Contract Analyses and Contract Due Diligence

Commitments buried deep in legacy agreements can completely stall you without a proactive mitigation plan. Our clients address these well before investor and banker diligence cycles. This gives them the freedom to take calculated risks pragmatically with:

  • Deep insights on historical risks across two dozen dimensions
  • Dynamic dashboards to drive strategic decision-making alongside your executive team
  • An action plan to mitigate a substantial amount of risk and influence topline growth
  • Playbooks designed specifically for your company’s risk tolerance

Fixed Price Contract Review for the Enterprise

Legal teams build credibility by meeting immediate business needs. For simple to strategic transactions in client, partner, and vendor agreements, our clients meet their operational demands when performance really matters.

  • 24-hour contract review cycles
  • Embedded professionals accessible inside your walls and technology
  • Dedicated relationship principals to help scale teams without retraining
  • Monthly business reviews for insights and opportunities to convert legal activities into clear business impact

Playbooks, Templates and Negotiations Support


With the right guideposts, your team makes decisions 37% faster. Our playbooks continuously improve based on your risk tolerance even as priorities may shift.

Our experience across industries provides the judgment you need beyond ordinary fallback provisions. modCounsel clients spend their time with strategic deals and business enablement knowing that we have their commercial legal operations covered.

  • Draft, review and/or markup of your existing templates
  • Benchmark your positions against peer companies
  • Handy fallback provisions with internal training tools in plain English
  • Experienced commercial legal leadership to support continuous team impact

How Much Can Your
Business Save?

Try our live calculator to see how much you can save with our alternative pricing based on how many contracts your business goes through in a year.

Our Work

Read through some of our Commercial Contracts Services with growing businesses like yours.

Gain a competitive edge with benchmarking

mC developed contract benchmarking giving our client a significant edge over competitor technology and industry standards following a significant venture capital Series C investment round.

20% revenue increase through IP licensing and development

Established value added reseller model with a 20% improvement to revenue opportunity and IP protections for derivative work product in an early stage payroll technology company.

Global negotiation teams with full end-to-end KPI management dashboards

Negotiated and reviewed over 500 vendor and other strategic agreements annually with weekly dashboards for a large global technology services company.

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