We help you surface insights from the information buried deep inside volumes of data. 

Our proprietary risk framework and innovative review models provide the assurance you need when the stakes are high.

Document Review

Our models produce data informed insights that are specifically designed to challenge legal conclusions. modCounsel clients rely on our assessments to develop new business models, compete more effectively in their market and defend their positions with confidence. Projects include:

  • M&A data room development, corporate records analysis and legal summary
  • Legacy contract review with risk heatmap of outlier engagements
  • Intellectual property assignments analysis for a late stage VC funding round
  • Technology-assisted review (TAR) process for analysis and data input into a new privacy platform
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Due Diligence

Limited partners and shareholders need assurances that their capital is deployed efficiently. Our proprietary framework multiplies existing advances in people, process and technology solutions to help modCounsel clients see what others cannot.

  • Buy-side and sell-side data room preparation, process management, and key terms review
  • Preparation and audit of disclosure schedules with summaries for committee consumption
  • Development of OCR records including redaction of sensitive information
  • Drafting of notices for information, consent, assignment and termination
  • Analysis and benchmarking of peer transaction activity against fund strategy

Regulatory Compliance

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Large scale audits and compliance requests require a scalable legal team with a proven process. Our global team and network of regulatory partners provide modCounsel clients with a better view into risk when they need it the most.

  • Data subject access requests (DSAR) processing
  • Data privacy breach or security incident response, reporting and cooperation with authorities and insurance providers
  • Vendor risk audits and vendor risk assessments through automated and custom requirement methods
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), denied party, and export controls reviews and audits
  • Ethics reporting escalations, gifts and payments policy, and expense audits
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Effective responses to internal complaints and incidents are where legal teams protect their credibility. modCounsel provides a framework for meeting your obligations at every stage of company maturity from private to public entities.

Forensics and eDiscovery tools whether available in-house or through a modCounsel partner relationship.

  • Issuing hold notices, internal process coordination and initial review, and summary of key facts
  • Key employee investigations from theft of trade secret to workplace harassment
  • Ethics line setup, rollout and ongoing management of inquiries
  • Investigations into official complaints and action plan


rocks stacked up at top of mountain representing mergers & acquisitions

Some lessons are just difficult. Supporting our clients through challenging legal processes from the early stages of litigation and beyond as an addition to your in-house legal team.

  • Pre-litigation matters in vendor, client or competitor disputes, correspondence and responses
  • Litigation support with privilege review, disclosure schedules, early case assessment, and insurance claims
  • Board summaries and ongoing management of litigation firm
  • Developing a strategy for legal relief or responses to administrative complaints, subpoenas, and court procedures

Our Work

Read through some of our Litigation, Mergers, and Acquisition work with growing businesses like yours.

Developed enterprise risks and insights model

Performed historical analysis for over 20,000 documents with relative positions on risk, key terms insights, and dynamic dashboards with segmentation features for a large late stage global company.

Market competitive study and recommendations

Developed a market study across 7 participants to validate investment strategy, regulatory risks and assumptions, and broader industry opportunity.

Due diligence emergency support team

Led late round diligence response for a $1B private equity transaction for a large global company across 8 geographic regions, 3 languages, and over 2,000 documents within 72 hours.

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