3 Red Flags When Engaging Legal Counsel

3 Red Flags when Engaging Legal Counsel Graphic

As with anything important to us, business leaders strive to NURTURE and PROTECT business success. Leaders are naturally inclined to add value and protect against downside legal risks. 

Searching for “the best” solution for legal support is never easy. Standards have been set so poorly against building value for the consumers of legal services. The best legal counsel and risk managers have their pick of issues to work on but the current model is based on meeting minimum annual billable rates.

It gets better, though. You’re here, aren’t you? So here’s a little reminder that you and your business’ legal needs deserve so much better. 

Let’s start off with the 3 things your business should stop settling for with legal support:


Great work isn’t measured in hours input but the value of the output. Surprise legal bills with eye-popping hour rates should be a thing of the past. This is why leading companies choose to build an in-house legal function in the first place. These teams focus their time on the qualitative reviews against business priorities and help manage your long term risk. 


Seek out legal support at a fixed cost that focuses on long term relationships. This is much closer to the benefit of your in-house legal function with all the advantages of an external advisor. This saves both your money, and everyone’s time. Fixed cost = increased efficiency.


Be leery of firms who offer a templated approach to solving your next legal matter. A counselor who simply parades their recent wins and tells you they’ve seen your issue before should give you a reason to pause, not nod and smile. You are not just outsourcing your problem, you want that outsider to be invested in creating long-term value.


Find legal counselors who aim to COLLABORATE. Every business has its own unique set of needs. In order to mesh smoothly with your internal team, real commitment is a must; not just a team who drops in only when there’s a crisis happening. It may not always be easy, but your business definitely deserves collaboration and  smooth transitioning.


It may have been a widespread tactic to simply have your risks flagged and solutions would cost extra – but that needs to change. Telling you what’s wrong is only half of what guidance is all about. The other half is paving a path that adds value to you and your business.


Get guidance that treats both flagging and solutions as one service. A legal counsel that really looks out for you doesn’t lose sight of the goal: AVOIDING RISKS and ADDING LONG-TERM VALUE; not just letting you know what they are. Don’t sell your business short with half-solutions. 

Yes, these may sound idealistic – but to us, it’s a legal field makeover that’s WAY overdue! That’s why we created a team of dedicated practitioners that share the same passion of starting that change.

It’s about time you and your business get the value in legal guidance.

Because when we say legal REENVISIONED, we mean it. 


The modCounsel Team

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