Legal Outsourcing Services Trends in 2023

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Legal outsourcing services are increasingly popular for law firms, small businesses, and growth companies looking to reduce costs or improve the quality of their in-house legal support. Legal outsourcing helps organizations maximize budgets and improve efficiency, all while enabling access to a broader pool of expertise and knowledge. Working with a fixed-fee concierge law firm is one way to ensure your business has the counsel of high-quality legal outsourcing.

Below, we’ll explore why businesses choose to outsource legal processes, provide examples of legal process outsourcing, and distinguish between legal process outsourcing and legal process offshoring.

Why should businesses outsource legal processes?

For business leaders focused on streamlining expenses and improving efficiency, outsourcing legal processes is a strategic option that works well for many organizations. By outsourcing operational, routine and otherwise repetitive tasks to specialized legal service providers, you can save on staffing and overhead expenses while freeing up your in-house legal team to focus on more strategic and high-value projects. At the same time, an experienced concierge legal team can help introduce and accelerate the adoption of best practices to fundamentally improve how the legal function meets those operational needs. 

Enlisting a fixed-fee concierge law firm for your outsourcing needs can help your business access a deeper bench of experience — often for a significantly lower cost than hiring additional in-house legal talent — which can be especially valuable when dealing with complex legal issues.

Legal process outsourcing examples

There are many different types of legal process outsourcing. A fixed-fee concierge law firm can help your business via quality legal process outsourcing on projects such as:

  • Document review: By outsourcing the examination of large volumes of documents for relevance and confidentiality, often required in litigation and regulatory investigations, business leaders can more cost-effectively utilize in-house legal teams. 
  • Contract management: One function businesses leverage outsourcing for is the management of contracts, which includes the drafting, negotiation, and administration of contracts. 
  • Legal research and writing tasks: Time-consuming tasks, such as preparing legal briefs, compliance audits, or other legal documents, can be outsourced to free up paralegal and legal assistant time. 
  • eDiscovery: By outsourcing the process of identifying, collecting, processing, and reviewing electronic data for use in legal proceedings, businesses can more efficiently complete the eDiscovery process.

Legal outsourcing can improve efficiency and productivity

There is a clear difference with teams who have a 24/5 legal function turned on. When enlisting high-quality legal service providers, you gain access to a broader range of skills and experience. Utilizing a fixed-fee concierge law firm can streamline your operations and increase the speed and quality of your work to meet the demands of clients more effectively. Another perk of adding outsourced, experienced, and reliable legal service providers is improving your ability to demonstrate a commitment to quality and efficiency, which can help to enhance your reputation and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Legal outsourcing can reduce costs and improve profitability

Saving 23-74% for every dollar of legal spend is compelling in a market like 2023. Many companies outsource legal processes to free up their in-house legal teams so they can focus on more strategic and high-value tasks — which can significantly impact your bottom line. And some organizations lean on outsourced legal support, such as that from a fixed-fee concierge law firm, to help drive business impact. 

Additionally, outsourcing can help organizations expand services and reach new markets. For example, by outsourcing certain legal processes to service providers in different countries, you can access new markets and provide services to clients in different time zones to increase revenue, grow business, and improve overall profitability.

What is the difference between legal process offshoring and legal process outsourcing?

It’s critical to note the distinction between legal process outsourcing and legal process offshoring. Legal process outsourcing involves outsourcing legal work to a third-party service provider, regardless of their location. Legal process offshoring, however, specifically involves outsourcing legal work to a service provider in a different country. While legal process offshoring can offer many of the same benefits as legal process outsourcing, it can also raise additional concerns, such as data privacy and security, cultural differences, and language barriers.

Best practices when engaging in legal process offshoring

For businesses considering legal practice offshoring, it is essential to be mindful of privacy considerations and follow best practices to protect sensitive documents and privacy. A few high-level guidelines for offshoring include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Conduct thorough due diligence when selecting a legal service provider, including evaluation of the provider’s privacy policies, security protocols, and track record in handling sensitive information. 
  2. Once a legal service provider is selected, execute a robust confidentiality agreement that clearly outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties concerning the protection of sensitive information. 
  3. Additionally, consider protecting sensitive information during transmission and storage by implementing technical safeguards, such as encryption and secure file transfer protocols.
  4. Regularly review and monitor the practices of your legal service provider to ensure that they continue to meet privacy and security obligations. 

A few safeguards can help protect your business when using legal process offshoring.

Unlock efficiency for your business with legal outsourcing services

Legal outsourcing services can deliver value for organizations in 2023, especially those employing a fixed-fee concierge law firm. Legal process outsourcing is a wise business decision with benefits that include the opportunity to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and access a wider pool of expertise and knowledge.

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