4 Challenges Legal Teams are Facing in 2023

Two lawyers discussing legal challenges

With the threat of recession, businesses need to be more discerning than ever about their costs for legal services. Companies that take a proactive approach will demonstrate how legal creates value during challenging markets. High-quality counsel delivers impact while meeting a tightly-monitored budget — a historically difficult task when you look at the high costs […]

Define the relationship: The art and science of contracts

Ronak Ray Interview

In business, contracts are everything, containing expectations and parameters for every relationship. But for busy companies without enough legal coverage or capacity to review, negotiate, and manage contracts they run the risk of, well, risks. Ronak Ray, CEO and Founder of modCounsel saw the glaring opportunity to do something about this necessary but missing element […]

modCounsel Launches mC IO, a Flat-Rate Contract Review Solution

Today, modCounsel, a concierge legal services provider, officially launched mC IO, an end-to-end contract review solution designed to expedite the contract review process to help alleviate the workloads for busy legal professionals and departments. Legal professionals are in higher demand than ever, yet many companies continue to pile on projects while expecting more from their […]

Processing consumer information? Be mindful of your personal data use 

Man looking at his computer analyzing data

Secondary use and opt-in consent regulations passed in California and Colorado without much fuss from privacy professionals. But, they can have significant operational impacts on organizations that choose to use personal data in a manner or purpose that was not adequately revealed at the time of collection. California and Colorado now have requirements for explicit […]

Legal Process Outsourcing: How to Utilize for Maximum Business Impact

Business team discussing Legal Process Outsourcing

Outsourced legal processing is revolutionizing the way legal departments operate. For many organizations, legal is viewed as a roadblock to business. Legal operations professionals can serve as the intermediary between business units and lawyers to enable legal departments to deliver more impactful services.  From people, processes, and technology through department-wide strategy and benchmarking, legal teams […]

DPIAs: They Aren’t Just For GDPR Anymore

Woman at her computer reviewing DPIA requirements on screen

Data Processing Impact Assessments, or DPIAs, are emerging as a new norm in the United States. Data Protection Impact Assessment (“PIA”) requirements have been associated with the GDPR, but now a spate of privacy laws has many states establishing their version of these requirements, which went or will go into effect this year or in […]

All’s Not Well with ChatGPT: How AI Fails on Privacy by Default and Design

Two workers looking at security reports

ChatGPT-4 has taken everyone by storm, but not without causing alarm. From concerns about replacing human jobs to its rapid adoption without consideration for data privacy and security, there is a lot to learn about how businesses and individuals can use this technology—and ensure their confidential information and personal information remains out of the grasp […]

Managed Legal Services: Upgrade in 2023 with a Concierge Fixed-Fee Law Firm

Managed Legal services

Managed legal services, such as those offered by a fixed-fee concierge law firm, can provide growth companies with the knowledge and expert guidance needed to navigate complex legal landscapes while protecting their interests. By outsourcing legal processes, organizations can optimize resources to save time and money, reduce legal risks, and dedicate focus to core operations […]

Legal Outsourcing Services Trends in 2023

Office workers reviewing Legal Outsourcing Services

Legal outsourcing services are increasingly popular for law firms, small businesses, and growth companies looking to reduce costs or improve the quality of their in-house legal support. Legal outsourcing helps organizations maximize budgets and improve efficiency, all while enabling access to a broader pool of expertise and knowledge. Working with a fixed-fee concierge law firm […]