All’s Not Well with ChatGPT: How AI Fails on Privacy by Default and Design

Two workers looking at security reports

ChatGPT-4 has taken everyone by storm, but not without causing alarm. From concerns about replacing human jobs to its rapid adoption without consideration for data privacy and security, there is a lot to learn about how businesses and individuals can use this technology—and ensure their confidential information and personal information remains out of the grasp […]

Managed Legal Services: Upgrade in 2023 with a Concierge Fixed-Fee Law Firm

Managed Legal services

Managed legal services, such as those offered by a fixed-fee concierge law firm, can provide growth companies with the knowledge and expert guidance needed to navigate complex legal landscapes while protecting their interests. By outsourcing legal processes, organizations can optimize resources to save time and money, reduce legal risks, and dedicate focus to core operations […]

Legal Outsourcing Services Trends in 2023

Office workers reviewing Legal Outsourcing Services

Legal outsourcing services are increasingly popular for law firms, small businesses, and growth companies looking to reduce costs or improve the quality of their in-house legal support. Legal outsourcing helps organizations maximize budgets and improve efficiency, all while enabling access to a broader pool of expertise and knowledge. Working with a fixed-fee concierge law firm […]

How to Keep Legal Fees on Budget

Two women discussing legal fees and budget

From big-law-on-retainer to in-house counsel, it can be quite expensive for companies to protect their interests. Hiring one attorney, be it as an employee or through an outside provider, can help cover your interests, so long as you have the budget — a challenge for many businesses concerned about a pending recession But, in today’s […]

Can You Reduce Legal Risk Without an Expensive Law Firm Retainer?

Man trying to reduce legal risk

Organizations are increasingly budget-conscious in 2023 and only want to pay for the support they need. But, having high-quality, experienced legal counsel is critical for business success. Think an expensive attorney retainer fee to protect your company’s interests is your only option?  Think again. Traditionally there have been three options for protecting your company with […]

Luminance and modCounsel Partner to Deliver Suite of AI Technologies to Clients

Luminance, the global leader for legal process automation, announced a partnership with San Francisco-based law practice, modCounsel, that will extend the entire suite of Luminance’s AI-powered products to the firm’s wide range of high-growth clients. Founded by former Fortune 100 business leaders, modCounsel is an alternative legal service provider designed for innovative, high-growth companies. In […]

Growth Company Law Practice modCounsel appoints Denise Doyle as Managing Director, Legal Operations

New Managing Director, Legal Operations joins firm on its mission to overhaul legal industry’s growth company support model. San Francisco, CA – modCounsel has appointed Denise Doyle known for leading cross functional teams with designing, building, and implementing innovative legal solutions, as Managing Director, Legal Operations. An experienced strategic and operational executive, Denise brings extensive […]

The Big Picture Is Your First Step


When I was in law school, exam questions were made-up scenarios based on half-a-page set of facts and the answers were supposed to provide real-life legal solutions. Context and the reasons behind the facts are almost never discussed nor given any importance. The facts are given and to be taken as true. After passing the […]