Integrated Legal Department Roadmap

roadmap illustration

Effective legal departments demonstrate their ability to predict company needs. This requires transparent risk management with an agile response to feedback. True risk management is achieved through teamwork and leadership.

Start with developing a reusable tool legal showing how legal is integrated into the company’s growth mandate. Demonstrate how legal fits into the broader strategic priorities through words and actions. Whether your business is in an austerity cycle or increasing investments, this tool should help you draw a clear line from legal budget to business impact.

How this may be applied:

  • Show how a 30% cut to data privacy programs will lead to a 9 month delay in EU market expansion and X impact on the product roadmap.
  • Present an investment into workplace programs that correspond with a high risk new business line or offering.

Your objective is to land on a visual that effectively looks like this:

Road Map For Legal Department Development

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