General Counsel Set Direction and Earn Trust

You are 3 months into a new role and have a lot to share! You already closed your first big win and eagerly step up to share your thinking with your executive team. ​Start here if you have not read the post for Days 1-90.
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Day 91 - 120

Your days of listening should now be converted into a blueprint for legal programs in year one. By now, you have had a few one-on-one conversations with leaders about these programs and vetted any dependencies.

Now is the moment to share this thinking with the broader executive team and fine tune the plan. In fast growth companies and beyond, people will want to see you set a clear direction and plan of attack. This is a trust and communication exercise, not a detailed vetting. Keep it targeted, brief, and always connect your legal programs to must-wins for the company (e.g., establish Q2 privacy governance as a prerequisite for a Q3 launch of the company’s targeted marketing service).

This is where you explore as a group whether additional resources, technology or time is needed for the company to achieve its goals – i.e., it’s about the company meeting objectives, not legal asking for resources. 

These are my notes from my own successes and failures in past roles as a legal leader. I am happy to connect 1/1 if you want to chat further on any of this. A final post will be up in 2022 to round out the remainder of your first year as a GC and what you can do to mark this a successful milestone in your career.

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